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The story begins when Douvian Stall, a historian, goes missing. His wife ask his acquaintances to find what has become of him. This group begins their charge by traveling to his last known location, the villiage of Winterhaven.

Areas of Ert:

Arden the forested northwestern portion of Ert. the capital is Tyrsis. Varfleet is the other major city of the area. There is elven settlements in the woods and the Eladrain feywild city of Morrowindle in the deep woods.

Zitara a swampy jungle country in southwestern Ert. The capital is EbouDar. Other cities of note are Azchitlan and Waukeen.

Ordo is a desert country in the southeastern section of Ert. The capital is Agrabah. The city of Shar is built at an oasis near the center of the desert.

Anvilglen is a country of high valleys and higher mountains populated mostly by dwarves. The capital is Ambolt.

The land of Ert is made of a single continent divided down the middle by a mountain range called the Spine. This continent is surrounded on all sides by the endless sea. Warm moist air currents flow from the western seas across the lands up to the Spine. The mountain range blocks rain from reaching the eastern side causing a rain shadow and desert to the east. A smaller mountain range called Gaia’s Rib borders the norther border of the desert.

Where the Spine falls into the seas in the south it becomes volcanic. This is called the Cape of Fire. The waters steam and boil here. Boiling rivers fed by hot springs high in the spine run down into the already warm seas. This area is very treacherous to travel as in some areas the waters are so hot they will steam the crew alive on the ship. The volcanic activity will also sometimes spew lava and burning ash into the air choking men and setting sails and ships on fire. There are also fierce air currents that can make it difficult if not impossible to navigate the already dynamic water current of the area. Tales of firebeast inhabiting the volcanoes and leviathans in the waters and maelstroms appearing right under your ship to suck you down into the boiling waters abound. There are however a few captains who can travel these waters to take advantage of the lucrative trade routes it stands barrier too.

Main Page

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