December 28th 2009 Session Recap

recap 2009

The party backtracks to the entrance of Shadowfell keep and takes another path down into the dark. They find some strange glyphs and a group of zombie. They quickly dispatch the zombies, but not before Ramiken is infected with their contagion. The charge into the next room leaving many sunrods behind.

Then enter the next room which is filled with a silvery light and is lined with stone coffins with altars at the end. Skeletons depart from these stone coffins and attack the party. As the party dispatches these skeletons more step forth from the coffins. The Wizard Invagle approaches one altar and notices something written on then in what he recognizes as draconic. He calls Zane the cleric over while the rest of the party holds off the skeletons. Zane translates the passage as a prayer to Bahamut, his god. He kneels according to it’s rituals and the skeletons return to their coffins and go quiet. They also find a secret compartment in the altars holding several small statues of Bahamut made of precious metals.

Next they find the animated remains of Sir Keegan. He demands they state their business. He believes them to be in league with the cult of Orcus operating in the temple. Zane begins by professing his faith in Bahamut and that the cult stands for everything he opposes. Gargamon dares Keegan to imply he would ally himself such filth, and their conviction impresses Sir Keegan. Ramiken sees Sir Keegan for what he is now and what he was once, a true knight sworn to selflessly protect and serve. Sir Keegan is moved by this and give his long sword Aecris to Ramiken to use to combat Orcus’s followers in the keep.



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